Can you introduce yourself for those who may not have come across your page on Instagram?

I'm Ally Simpson and I'm an artist and designer from Northern Ireland. My art is mostly abstract and digital but I've also dabbled with some post-electronic sounds which you can listen to on Spotify and Apple Music. I'm married and my wife and I have a three year old son. 


When did you start your Instagram page and what did you expect when you first started posting your menswear looks?

My current instagram account began in 2014 and the first few posts were all about Hiut denim because I'd just bought my first pair. I'd had an account previously but deleted it and started again with the current one. I was an early adopter of the big social media platforms and of blogging so, my first expectations were about connecting with other like-minded people, sharing ideas and learning. I think somewhere along the way social media became a little saturated with negativity, which is one of the reasons why I rebooted my accounts with a bit of renewed purpose and in an attempt to experience it the way it was in the 'good old days.'


Has clothing and style always meant a lot to you?

My mum always tells everyone that I was a nightmare to buy clothes for, but especially shoes/trainers. I was fussy as a child and probably not as cool as I thought I was. I had an Adidas shell suit in the 80's with huge print down the legs so... enough said. I do remember being really annoyed with a shop assistant when I was maybe 12 or 13 because I wanted a wider leg trouser with a slight taper for school, he was probably as baffled by me as I was upset that I had to make do with straight legs. I also grew up during the troubles here in Northern Ireland so often a trip to the city for clothes where the shops were far better, was a rare event. The styles I like have changed a lot over the years though but as I've got older I've definitely became more comfortable not following big trends and doing my own thing instead.

How did you first come across Admiral Sporting Goods Co.?

I saw a link to the brand while reading an interview on Proper, and liked what I saw. Initially I didn't realise there was any connection to the Admiral of Leeds United, West Ham and England in the 70's and 80's but was pleasantly surprised to see the new interpretation of that classic sporting look. 


What do you like most about the ASGco. pieces you've picked up? Anything you’re looking to get pick-up soon?

The quality is great. I have a pair of sweat pants and a quarter zip top and for these kinds of items, you want comfort but that quality is so important if they're going to last. I was so impressed with this and also the fit. I will come back for t-shirts in the future as I've always struggled to find great tees in simple colours that really last. 



We're a big fan of the illustrations and art you post on Instagram. Is this what you do for a career?

I'd say my artwork and illustrations make up maybe 10-15% of what I do as a career. My bread and butter is graphic design which can be anything from design for print items, branding, web creation, social media content. A lot of what I do is very local and with small businesses. I've been working with a new craft beer brewery and they are due to launch some really exciting products in 2022 so my designs will make up their labels and much of their promotional material so, my work is quite a mixed bag but that keeps it interesting. I'm also working on a new line sketch project inspired by travels to Japan and France. Hopefully more sketches will evolve from more travelling in 2022.




What are you following on Instagram at the moment? Do you have any favourite fashion influencers?

During the first lockdown of 2020 I went a little crazy with their gear and had started a complete wardrobe overhaul to focus on more quality pieces. I've been a long time follower and admirer of David Hieatt and Hiut Denim. In terms of fashion influencers, Jesse Alexandra (@jessealexandra on insta) is great, her fits are always incredible. I also really love Cal Geary (@calgeary on insta). There are loads though and Instagram is great for discovery. 


When you’re not putting together fits and illustrating, what other things do you get up to?

I love coffee, some friends of ours own our favourite coffee shop in town so we hang out there a lot, or at least did when the pandemic allowed. I like to run, usually 3 times a week, about 5k each time. I used to run longer distances but finding time with a toddler is trickier than it used to be. I love to cook and also during the pandemic discovered gardening and specifically new perennial, naturalistic style gardening, although we don't have a huge garden to work at, look up Piet Oudolf for a bit more info on that, it's fascinating! I'd also love to find time to make some new music during 2022 and develop what I'd been experimenting with but can't make any promises on that.