Every season when we sit and discuss colour trends and the next collection of Admiral Sporting Goods Co. we start by looking back. Flicking through imagery in our archive, sporting moments that highlight our archival pieces, details in military uniform that are unique. 

This is, as always, how we started our AW21 collection. We began with our Hawk Navy finding shades and hues that come to life in the heritage images. With the introduction of red for the first time we saw how this interacts with the blues in the pool. Moving away from the sea and the aquatics centre, we started to pick up reds and clays in the running tracks from the olympics. Admiral actually produced many of British Olympic team garments right up until 1972. 

Seeing how the red of the track combined with the field guided us towards our next colour. The Alder Green we eventually opted for heritage military inspired olive colour that can coexist alongside the classic ASGco. Harrier Green.  It was this military connection that finally guided us to our Latham Brown. The military vehicle in its olive green splendour in its natural habitat the great outdoors helped guide us towards this final colour in the collection. 

The architecture of the Modernist Architect Denys Lasdun famous for multiple buildings in Leicester, steered our creative direction on our continued core monochrome colours. 

Admiral Sporting Goods Co. AW21 collection is available to buy now