As we venture into Autumn Winter 2023, we embrace the luxury of time, enabling us to craft, finesse and achieve greater heights with each evolving season and collection. Integral to this intricate design journey lies the creation of seasonal colour inspirations. The enduring legacy of the Admiral brand affords us the privilege to draw from a rich archive of sportswear for timeless tonal inspirations, while simultaneously looking into the present worlds of sports, architecture, and nature for fresh sources of inspiration.



As the embrace of Autumn draws near, we find celebration in the lingering echoes of Summer's fading warmth and radiant light. We pay homage to this time with the vibrancy of primary colours, adorning our new Lawton Sweatshirts and Rugby Shirts with vivid hues. In both instances, the colours and fit pay homage to our sporting heritage, featuring drop shoulders and a relaxed fit that nods to our storied past.



As we delve deeper into the season, we gracefully transition the autumnal hues found in these items, most notably Forest Green and Midnight Navy, into our Henshaw Hoodie, Eastleigh t-shirts, and Evington long-sleeved tops. These captivating greens and blues seamlessly extend into our selection of layering overshirts, allowing our collection to transition into the chillier months ahead.



Our winter-centric pieces draw inspiration from the changing colours that surround us as we nights start earlier and the months get colder. The verdant hues shift gracefully towards the warm and earthy tones of red, yellow, and brown, mirroring the beautiful tapestry of nature's seasonal transformation.