Can you introduce yourself for those who may not have come across you before?

Hi I’m Lee, I’m 40 years young and I’ve lived Manchester and Stockport for 40 years. I run the Gearthereeverywhere Instagram page. My page is full of clothes that I think are mint and the odd pic of me in my best gear. It was actually Mark from Proper Mag who came up with the name Gearthereeverywhere, just in case he reads this and didn't get a much deserved shout-out!


How long have you been posting about your favourite new releases in the fashion world?

Since January 2014 I’ve had to scroll down through approximately 7396 photos of mainly jackets. To be honest, I still don't think I've really got the hang of Instagram, although it’s the only social media I’m on, I come from the era of forums and I'm still active on a few. Mark gave me well needed guidance at the start, which I definitely needed, I’m not the brightest spark when it comes to tech. (Another shout-out to Mark. That's enough now!).

Has clothing and style always meant a lot to you?

What’s life without good clothes! I've always been into good gear since I had the choice of what I wanted to wear. My main passion since high school has been jackets. I can remember my first spray way Gore-Tex jacket. It had the sickest hood/storm flap that covered my face perfectly. Growing up in Wythenshawe you had to have a decent jacket for the rain what Manchester is known for and to be one of the lads.

In 2005 I started to dress differently than I always had done. A lad started at my work who was well into his football casual gear and also introduced me to Stockport County. Liam if you are reading this it’s your fault haha. The County Lads website, that’s not around now, was run by Tom and Dan from Casual Connoisseur which was the site that got me addicted to clothes even more. The site was full of mint photos of jackets and trainers. I spent hours looking at one segment called ‘Meet the Casuals', then spent hours trawling through eBay looking for the featured jackets and trainers. Around this time there were a couple of clothing forums that inspired me even more and the rest is history.


How did you first come across Admiral Sporting Goods Co.? 

Mark Smith from Propermag told me about ASGco. (That's the last one I promise). I instantly thought it was mint and was definitely a bit of me.


What do you like most about the ASGco. pieces you've picked up?

It's easy to wear gear and goes with my outfits well. I’ve worn my Braunstone Hoodie in Harrier Green a lot, it fits great and has aged really well. I've just acquired the Kelmarsh Crew Knit in alder green marl which is my kind of green. I'm planning on wearing it a lot through winter.

Are locally made items like the Kelmarsh knit important to you?

Yes, especially when they are made in Manchester and are made to last. Manchester has a deep history for clothing and textiles and it’s mint to see good clothing is being made back in Manchester.


When you’re not talking about the latest menswear trends, what other things do you get up to? 

I like going on big walks out on the hills with my Mrs and son. A well packed rucksack filled with teacakes and sandwiches. Also, I'm into running and the gym which has helped me a lot in the past couple of years. Great for my mind and has made me a better person, well, 4 stone lighter.