Everybody has heard of the Kaiser Chiefs. The Leeds band have played some massive gigs, belting out hits like Ruby, I Predict a Riot and Everyday I Love You Less and Less, but now they've really made it by making it onto the Admiral Sporting Goods Journal. Simon Rix, the bands rhythm bassist, is a big fan of the ASGco. brand and therefore we asked him to produce a playlist, he did two. Let's hope the other Kaiser Chiefs members agree!

"I moved back up to Leeds a few years ago. It’s was great to be back home, but an unexpected bonus is that the new music scene in Leeds is great. I’ve been to see loads of exciting new artists popping up all over the city. In fact the whole of Yorkshire seems good from Low Hummer (Hull) to Pleasure Centre (Scarborough) but I’ve tried to keep this list Leeds Leeds Leeds. The playlist is some of my favourite. Look out for them at your next festival."

"For my second playlist I've chosen some Kaiser Chiefs warm-up tracks. Every night before we go on stage, someone (often me) plays tunes for about an hour. We try to mix it up so it can be anything from current hits to Northern Soul to 80’s anthems depending on how people are feeling. However for emergencies when time is short or everyone needs a pick me up it’s good to have a few in the bank that you know are going to do the job. For me if anyone stick Jackie Wilson on. I’m in a good mood. So here’s a playlist of a few KC bankers."

Most of the items Simon wears on stage with the Kaiser Chiefs are from our Leeds Collection, which celebrates the city's sporting and music heritage. Take a look at the full range here.

The latest Kaiser Chiefs album Duck is also available to listen to on Spotify (or your chosen platform). Go and give it a listen!