Colour forms the basis of many early conversations when designing a new collection. Spring and Summer allow for a more playful colour palette exploring a range of moments that invoke the feeling of the season.   

The first of these is our Comon Blue taken from the sun bleached terraces of international stadia. Over years, and with fans jumping up and down in their seats, the colour patinas evoking memories of both tears of joy and sadness. The Comon Blue is introduced to invoke the feelings that every fan is all too familiar with. 

The summer is also the moment when beach sport excites the dreaming sportsman once again. The screams of Pele, Ronaldo or Messsssi as the ball hits the invisible back of the net. This goal in the sands waiting for the players to arrive giving it life is the basis of our Luco Rubber

Green is the colour of life in nature the distant fairways of the golf course, the smooth surface of the tennis lawns and the glistening football pitches. For this reason we introduce two new greens, Manacus green and Ciris green. The colours sit on opposite ends of the green spectrum, one is the start of the game, bright and sprightly, the other is deep and weathered.

Our newest colour this season is Mexi Clay. Once again the beach is our backdrop with deep orange sunsets being the only whistle to the otherwise unending match. The clay colour is subdued and tamed, it is a colour that can be worn all the way through the season. 

Finally the Indigo pack using the ancient colour indigo. A deep blue that is in fact a colour in its own right. As the sun sets and the sea reflects the night sky, the deep blue appears as an expanse of never ending indigo up until the points collide on the horizon.