To honour the military and sporting history of Admiral Sporting Goods we are releasing a new t-shirt that celebrates the origins of our first logo in 1914, The Admiral.

The Original Admiral Logo


Starting life in 1914 The Admiral logo was the creation of Cristopher Cook and Harold Hurst the owners of the eponymous woollen clothing manufacturers Cook and Hurst. The Cook and Hurst company was founded in 1903 and it was at the start of the 1st world war when a contract to produce base layer woollen garments along with sportswear for the troops heading out to sea. 

There is no better way of testing a garment's quality than actually putting it to the test, wearing it, washing it and putting it back on. And for those businesses that had been contracted to produce garments for the military the proof was evident. They withstand and last under the most strenuous activity. This seal of approval was the birth of the Admiral brand. The owners at the time wanted to shout about this and to do this they placed a logo in the back of every garment. The logo stated “The Admiral a Sign of Quality” the statement was clear and the Admiral brand was born. 

Born In Leicester


Everything that Admiral is was born out of Wigston Leicester. The city that created so many manufacturing giants including the oldest British sportswear brand. The city is famed for its sporting success throughout the decades and it was very much the case that one pushed the other success. This is evident in the story of the creation of the Admiral goalkeeper shirt worn by Gordon Banks in the 1966 World Cup final, who at the time played for Leicester City. 


The Admiral T-Shirt

For the latest graphic collection we have resurrected “The Admiral” for a new t-shirt. This character was the start of the brand and features on our flycatcher blue 220gsm heavyweight cotton t-shirt.