As part of the AW22 collection, Admiral Sporting Goods turn their head to the ubiquitous Winter accessory - the scarf. Coming in all shapes and sizes, football team colours or check patterns, the Snibston is crafted as a whole different beast entirely.


Drawing inspiration from Admiral’s military history, the Snibston is inspired by a military issue World War II era scarf. In many cases, the scarves of the War years were knitted by community groups of civilians for soldiers serving on the front lines to see them through the harsh Winter months. The chosen colour was Olive drab, matching the soldiers uniforms and strengthening their ability to camouflage in all weathers.

Thankfully there’s no longer a need to hide in plain sight, and as a result, the Snibston Scarf is available in five colour options, from the true to history Olive, through to Winter-ready Mustard. Each scarf is yarn-dyed and crafted right here, in the UK.


Historically speaking, the North of England has always been the centre of the Wool trade in the UK, making it an easy decision for Admiral Sporting Goods to team up with a Manchester manufacturer to produce the scarves. Crafted from 100% wool especially chosen for its heat-retentive qualities, the Snibston ensures that the wearer’s body heat is contained, allowing for a constant regulation of warmth, with minimal heat loss.


Outside of the technical properties of Wool, the Snibston presents itself as an incredibly versatile style option. Wearable in a plethora of different ways, the two scarf panels can be adjusted, folded, twisted and flipped, or just left hanging loose, allowing the wearer to continuously style the Snibston to match each and every outfit.

The Snibston Scarf is available now, and like all Admiral Sporting Goods garments, takes its name from a Leicestershire town near the home of the original Admiral factory.