Over the last couple of weeks, the word Transition has been heard time and time again by commentators discussing the ebbs and flow of the match. It is an integral part of the modern game, something that many of the greatest managers around the world see as a key success factor during the 90minutes of game play. So, what is the transitional state of play?


Admiral Sporting Goods Transitional States T-Shirt


The transitional state is the moment after a team loses possession of the ball and how they shift from attack to defence. The theory is the quicker one can make this change in mindset and position the quicker they can attack. The aim here is clear, get the ball back. Even though this term may not have been heard by managers on the side-lines or by journalists in press conferences until recently, this has been an essential element of the sport since its inception.


Admiral Sporting Goods Transitional States T-Shirt


When designing the collection for Autumn / Winter 2022 we knew that the transitional state of our own, moving from the confides of our homes to the wider world would need to be reflected in our design.

The Transitional States t-shirt allows us to do this through the beautiful game itself, depicting the transitional state in the lead up to the final goal in the 1966 World Cup. Our designers mapped out key positions in the build-up of play and created this a graphic t-shirt.


World Cup 1966 England Celebrations


The t-shirt is produced from 220gsm 100% cotton material with a three colour screen print applied. The heavyweight graphic tee is available in two colours, Ensis navy wash and one of our core colours, Gyr white.