Can you introduce yourself for those who may not have come across your page on Instagram?

Absolutely. I’m Mark, originally from Bolton, England but I’ve been living in Basel, Switzerland for the past 7 years. My Instagram is pretty much a collection of things I like, be it clothing, mid-century furniture, interior spaces and travel (or any combination of the 4).


When did you start your Instagram page and what did you expect when you first started posting menswear looks?

I started back in 2016 which, when you consider how much the world has changed since then, feels like a lifetime ago. I really had no expectations when starting my page, I saw it as a place to document & share things that I like and give some focus to practice my photography skills.

Has clothing and style always meant a lot to you?

Definitely. Growing up I always cared about what I wore but my interest in clothing certainly increased when I started working (and could afford to buy my own clothes). Manchester has a decent casual clothing scene and stores like Oi Polloi became firm favourites of mine. I’ve never been into bold colours or statement pieces but rather classic fits, made to last, that look great season after season. My wardrobe today is predominantly made up of British, Scandi and Japanese brands. This also translates well into my home.


For people who've never been to Basel have you got any recommendations to explore the city? Any favourite hang-outs? 

Basel is a small, quaint city that punches above its weight. There are many great independent stores and boutiques spread across the city, a few of my favourites include Zooloose, Ooid, Set & Sekt and Pelikamo. It’s also flush with superb interior and homeware spots and most notably, is the home of Vitra. Visiting the Vitra Campus just over the border in Weil Am Rhein is an absolute must.

Basel is well known as the hub for Art and culture in Switzerland. It is home to many world class museums and the famous Art Basel and Basel World fairs which take place every year, drawing crowds from all over the world. It is also the birthplace of national treasure – Roger Federer, whose face you will see all over the city.

How did you first come across Admiral Sporting Goods Co.?

As a keen footballer, I’ve been familiar with Admiral Sportwear for some years but was introduced to the Sporting Goods brand last year through Instagram.


What do you like most about the ASGco. pieces you've picked up? 

For any pieces I buy, the most important thing for me is quality, detailing and post-wash fit. So many items seem great on first wear but end up on the small side after a couple of washes. The Admiral Sporting Goods quarter zip sweater ticks all of these boxes. Made of heavyweight cotton with wax finished draw cord at the waist, perfect fit and excellent quality. One of those pieces I’ll be wearing for many years to come.

When you’re not putting together fits for your Instagram, what other things do you get up to?

I have a day job working in pharmaceuticals and a 2-year-old son, both of which keep me pretty busy. I’m a keen runner, footballer and in the winter, skier. I also have a slight obsession, which is rummaging through vintage furniture stores across Switzerland, searching for new pieces to restore, sell on, or keep (when my wife allows).