Can you introduce yourself for those who may not have come across your page on Instagram?

Sure! I'm Simon, I’m 35 years old (how did that happen?) and I've lived in Sunderland for 16 years. I originally hail from Northern Ireland. My page is a mix of photos of me stood about in my favourite clothes, and drawings I've done of clothes I own or would like to own.


When did you start your Instagram page and what did you expect when you first started posting menswear looks?

I had an account I never used actively until spring 2020. A combination of intentional bulking up and then less intentional overeating in lockdown meant I filled out and needed a whole new wardrobe. I turned to the 'gram for inspiration and haven't looked back. There are loads of incredibly stylish people on here and most of them are really down to earth, too. I was incredibly self-conscious when I started posting my photos, and still am a bit to this day, but I think it's helped me worry a bit less what people think of me. I never expected it to take off as it has.

Your illustrations are great! Is that what you do day-to-day?

Thank you, I really appreciate that! It isn't, I actually work in education, creating qualifications and assessments. I've always liked drawing and I picked it up again properly over lockdown. I started drawing people whose style I liked and then drawing individual items. I'd love to do it full time at some point but will have to keep working hard to get there. Maybe one day! 


Has clothing and style always meant a lot to you? Any early references/influences to where you grew up?

I’ve always been into clothing and style. Some of the lads at school used to have a laugh at me for some of my style choices, but I reckon I was ahead of the curve. Maybe.

I grew up in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere really so there weren't many places to go to shop. Kular in Derry was always decent. It was when I went to Uni that it really went up a notch. There was a vintage shop in Sunderland back then called Rare Ape, and I got a lot of good stuff in there.


For people who've never been to Sunderland have you got any recommendations to explore the city? Where are your favourite hang-outs?

In terms of clothes shops, there's a few great ones in the North East. There's Aphrodite in Sunderland, and Union Clothing in Newcastle, as well as END.

I love a nice craft beer and just along the coast from me is Blue’s Micro Pub and bottle shop. The couple who own it are lovely and there's always a great selection in. Vaux Brewery have recently reopened and they stock some great beers as well.

Black's Corner is a great spot for a coffee and brunch, and Seaburn beach and sea front is great for a nice walk any time of year. Loads of cafes and coffee shops there, too.

The city centre and riverside are due to undergo a huge transformation thanks to recent investment, so I'm excited to see the city being transformed in the coming years.


How did you first come across Admiral Sporting Goods Co.?

I first became aware of Admiral Sporting Goods Co. through a few accounts on Instagram, though I can't remember which ones now. I’ve followed for a while, and had my eye on some bits for ages!

What do you like most about the ASGco. pieces you've picked up? Anything you’re looking to get pick-up soon? 

I think first and foremost it's the quality of the materials and the craft and thought that's gone into making them. When the package arrived, I couldn't believe it was only two items inside as it was so heavy.

The fit on the pants is just right - not tight but not too baggy either. They're the sort you'd be happy wearing for out for a coffee or lounging in at home. I think the zip pocket is a lovely touch, too. It's nice hopping in the car and not having my phone or keys etc. slide out down the back of the seat, a common problem with sweatpants.

The quarter zip sweater is equally quality. I've been turning the collar up when out and about to keep the North Sea breeze at bay. Another really versatile piece. I’ve taken to wearing a liner or gilet over the quarter zip now the temps have dipped.

Speaking of winter, I've just ordered one of the ASGco. Kelmarsh crew sweaters in merino wool. I love the retro aesthetic to it and it's sure to keep me toasty for many a winter to come!


What are you following on Instagram at the moment? Do you have any favourite fashion influencers?

Oh, it's hard to pick a few and not leave some great ones out. Funny enough, one of the first accounts I followed was @tomamadeus, who you did a blog post on recently! A criminally underrated account is @ealing_man, as are @crashtestbrummie and @stephent. Some really nice fellas, too. I chose them as they got me onto brands I'd not heard of when I was starting out. @outofindigo and @concreteigloo deserve a shout, too, as they consistently knock out great fits. I could go on! Generally, it's down to earth people who I can relate to that appeal to me.


When you’re not putting together fits and illustrating for your Instagram, what other things do you get up to?

I love music, electronic in particular, and have been learning to DJ on an entry level Pioneer DJ controller. It's a lot of fun but I need a lot more time on them before I share any mixes! I'm looking forward to getting to a few gigs again soon, too. I also love escaping to the countryside for a hike with my wife or my mates. Helps clear the head and it's a nice break from screens!

Thanks very much for having me.

Simon is wearing the Chartwell Quarter Zip top with Stretton Sweat Pants