Can you introduce yourself for those who may not have come across your page on Instagram?

So I'm Julien @regards.semblables on Instagram, I’m based in Paris and have been working as a freelance photographer for about 6 months, before this I was in charge of a ready-to-wear store. My photography is usually lifestyle content related to fashion, coffee and interior decoration but you’ll find a little bit of architecture on my account too.

When did you start your Instagram page and what did you expect when you first started posting?

I think it's been 6 years since I created my account and I expected people to be sensitive to my universe, my style. As you can see, it's not a massive success in terms of followers and visibility but I’ll continue to stick to my aesthetic because it’s what I’m passionate about. 

My main goal would be to make a living from my passion, photography as a freelancer. Integrating a brand would be nice too. The future is still vague but I know that I will always remain attached to photography, it’s my reason for living. I think about it as soon as I get up, until I go to bed.

Has clothing and style always meant a lot to you?

Yes always of course. My style has changed a lot, evolved, but I think I have more or less found it now. A mix between quality basic/minimalist pieces and slightly outdoor pieces. Fashion is growing and changing fast in Paris but it doesn't influence me that much, well.. now. Before, I tried to follow the trends, the brands that you could see at fashion weeks, but I’ve stopped all that. I no longer liked this way of consuming, these are generally pieces that most of us do not keep over time. I prefer the new way, to select pieces in order to keep it in my wardrobe for a long time. I buy less to buy better.

Paris has it's well known destinations but do you have any recommendations for hidden gems?

My favourite place is the Royal Palace Garden (Jardin du Palais Royal). It is not at all a hidden gem, perhaps the opposite haha, but when it’s sunny, this place is wonderful. Perfect for drinking a coffee from Café Kistuné. Two other places that I like that are a little less known are @fro_paris and @bonjourjacob_ which sell coffee, wine, records and magazines.

How did you first come across Admiral Sporting Goods Co.?

I discovered your brand through an online magazine, @Propermag.They had contacted me to send me one of your sweatshirts to try on. This is where I found out about the brand and I was not disappointed. The quality and fit is amazing!


What do you like most about the ASGco. pieces you've picked up? Is there anything you’re looking to get pick-up soon?

To be honest, I like everything. The three pieces I currently have, the quarter-zip top, Wigston sweatshirt and an Aylestone t-shirt) are just perfect. But I have my eyes on your sweatpants because I've been needing some for a long time and I know I won't be disappointed. Your Fairham jacket made in collaboration with 6876 pleased me a lot too!

What are you following on Instagram at the moment? 

I am very inspired by content creators on Instagram, mainly from England. I would say my top 3, for a very long time now, are @olvh, @mat_buckets and @anthnyylee. There's a guy I also adore who has a completely overlooked account but who deserves it, it's @iamjamesnewton. He really has a good eye for photography and for clothes too so go and follow him!