Formation is a process of development, shaping and arranging materials to create. It comes with guidelines that define how something is created.

To evolve the Admiral Sporting Goods Co. brand, we must formulate our ideas and concepts whilst understanding the boundaries of what we have set out to create. Intelligently made product that focuses on an era of manufacturing that was committed to hardwearing garments.

The Formation collection for Spring Summer 23 continues to explore our sporting and military history. Formation in both these contexts have a very similar meaning whilst the application can be different. We explore this concept through our miniseries Good Form, Free Form and Bandy. Colour is once again an integral part of the story working with unique garment washes set on Bauhaus colourways.

Formation doesn’t have to be rigid it can offer peace in its simplicity.

The Indigo Pack

The oldest method of dying garments can be found in Ancient South America dating back over 6000 years. The colour used in this process is Indigo. Throughout our seasonal research we repeatedly saw deep blue’s arising including in Matisse’s series of Lithographs . Whilst exploring further into a military context we found that the French adopted the indigo colour for their troops until 1914, an important year for the Admiral brand . Given this we have decided to make Indigo one of our core seasonal colour themes embedding into many of our garments.


Our heritage in sport stretches back over a century initially making sportswear for the Navy. This evolved into a much bigger role for the Admiral brand, producing items worn on the biggest stages in sport including the Tour de France, Britain's Lions tour and the goalkeeper shirt for the 1966 World Cup Final to name a few.

For SS23 we celebrate this rich heritage across all sports with a Free Form sportswear embroidery range


In our constant endeavour to produce premium heritage sportswear we have sought to reproduce an aged look without damaging the garment. To achieve this, we have spent many years replicating the perfect finish, recreating the effect of a garment that has been around since the 1950s without affecting the quality.

We think we’ve perfected this technique and have applied a ‘washed-out’ look to a series of our seasonal colours.


Our core product and colours are always available to retailers for first time orders or top-ups.