From the second our concept for Admiral Sporting Goods Co. sprinted out of the starting blocks the goal has been to create the best products possible. Thanks to our rich and illustrious heritage, we already knew that the key to achieving this goal lay in the form of high-end craftsmanship and a specialist factory. Due to our exacting standards and refusal to compromise on quality. a long quest for perfection ended in a state-of-the-art facility we discovered in Portugal. This 21st-century factory is used by some of the world’s biggest fashion houses due to their extremely high levels of expertise and cutting-edge technology.

By weaving their own, locally sourced fabrics in house, prior to construction, our 100% cotton garments have a lower carbon footprint as well as providing us with full control over the entire process right down to the smallest detail. If you’re fortunate enough to already own one of our pieces, then you’ll see that they’ve been created with the utmost care and attention using the finest products and technical excellence.

Whilst the methods we use today may differ slightly to those we used back in our factory in Leicester over 100 years ago the focus on quality remains exactly the same. Continuing to take immense pride in our products we aim to make timeless pieces that will become firm favourites and last as long as possible. Which is the exact reason why we cut and sew in all our arms for a more comfortable fit and reinforce seams with twin needle stitching for added strength. We also use a substantial weighty cotton jersey to ensure your sweat or t-shirt will last for as many seasons as possible.

Words by Mark Smith