The goalkeeper and the net are forever connected in the battle for dominance. The Saint Peter of the holy realm that guards their 7x2m of net. The keeper can have a perfect game and one small slip up can spoil 89 minutes of greatness. So how do you connect these two essential elements of the game in its most simple form the garment?



At Admiral Sporting Goods Co. we have tried to achieve this using our waffle knit, inspired by the tiny squares that make up the net itself, forever staring down over the keeper waiting for the smallest mistake.

We next turned to the colour yellow, referencing the great Gordon Banks, England’s World Cup winner and long-term fan of Admiral. Prior to the '66 World Cup, Banks, who was based in Leicester at the time, was a regular in the Admiral factories located in the local area. On this specific visit his request was for innovation to include a long sleeve padded goalkeeper jersey which he would then go on to wear throughout the competition.



The Oleg Yellow used in our Albion Waffle Sweatshirt has been washed to offer a preaged look similar to the one that was worn on that day. By connecting both colour and material we have brought together two foes in a unique garment that is perfect for winter and summer seasons.

The 100% cotton Albion Waffle Sweatshirt is available now.