From humble medieval beginnings to a utilitarian 1930’s workers garment, it is safe to say that the hoodie has been a staple part of many a wardrobe for many a year! From athletes to hip hop MCs and monks to catwalk stars, it seems that the simple hoodie has made an everlasting imprint on the world no matter what work of life you are from.

With a contemporary cut Admiral Sporting Goods Co. have knocked it out of the park with their take on the world’s favourite grab and go garment. The heavy weight loop back cotton construction provides both durability and comfort, and the current colour line-up has something to fit many outfit combinations.

My harrier green version hasn’t spent much time on the peg as it has been used as a layering piece on those cold morning walks in the park or, for lazy days spent in comfort. This hard-wearing hoodie will be around for the long haul for that I am sure!

Buy it now here - Braunstone Hoodie Harrier Green